Sichuan Jiuniu - Zibo Cuju: Live Scores, Results & Statistics

Sichuan Jiuniu 0 - 0 Zibo Cuju
China League One - China Pr
05.04.2021 10:00
Sichuan Jiuniu Zibo Cuju
Shots on Goal
Shots off Goal
Shots Blocked
Shots inside Box
Shots outside Box
Possession Time
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Team formation: Team formation:
1 China PR Heng Zhao
5 China PR Jun Zhao
6 China PR Haojie Li
for Jun Ruan 76'
7 China PR Junfeng Su
13 China PR Qi Wang
for Kun Xiao 46'
17 China PR Jiahe Li
for Qiao Wang 46'
19 Guinea Mohamed Lamine Yattara
for Chu Wang 70'
28 China PR Dalong Xia
31 China PR Wei Lü
39 China PR Bowen Li
41 China PR Nuali Zimin
1 China PR Dong Yifan
for Yunqi Nan 90'
11 China PR Weizhe Sun
16 China PR Yi Han
17 China PR Liu Ziming
23 China PR Wang Chengkuai
26 China PR Sijing Mai
28 China PR Yingjian Li
29 China PR Yiming Wang
34 China PR Lü Pin
45 China PR Liu Heng

Above football match results and stats are updated live as the match unfolds. Data such as shots, shots on goal, passes, corners, will become available after the match between Sichuan Jiuniu and Zibo Cuju was played. The “Last 5” section shows each team’s form for the past 5 games played individually, but more details and statistics can be found in the Sichuan Jiuniu vs Zibo Cuju H2H section.