Lviv - Kryvbas KR: Live Scores, Results & Statistics

Lviv 2 - 2 Kryvbas KR
Premier League - Ukraine
03.18.2023 12:00
Referee: Evgeniy Aranovsky
Lviv Kryvbas KR
Shots 16 3
Shots on Goal 4 2
Shots off Goal 8 1
Shots Blocked
Shots inside Box
Shots outside Box
Fouls 10 15
Corners 1 2
Possession Time % %
Yellow Cards 3 5
Red Cards 0 1

Above football match results and stats are updated live as the match unfolds. Data such as shots, shots on goal, passes, corners, will become available after the match between Lviv and Kryvbas KR was played. The “Last 5” section shows each team’s form for the past 5 games played individually, but more details and statistics can be found in the Lviv vs Kryvbas KR H2H section.