Nara Club

Nara Club is a soccer team from Japan, playing in competitions such as Emperor Cup (2020/2021). Check below for latest team statistics, team profile data, scoring minutes, latest matches played in various soccer competitions and results, team players and statistics, transfers in and out, along with historic results.

Country Japan
Stadium Konoike Athletic Stadium
Capacity 30600
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Konoike Athletic Stadium  
Total Home Away
Matches Played
Goals for
Goals against
Clean sheets
Failed to score
Avg. goals scored p/m
Avg. goals conceded p/m
Avg. time 1st goal scored
Avg. time 1st goal conceded
Matches over 2.5 goals
Matches under 2.5 goals
Goals scored
Goals conceded
0 - 15'
15 - 30'
30 - 45'
45 - 60'
60 - 75'
75 - 90'
No transfers in
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YearSeasonLeague NameLeague PositionWDLLeague Points
20212020/2021 Emperor Cup 2nd Round
20192019 Emperor Cup 1st Round
20182018 Emperor Cup 2nd Round
20172017 Emperor Cup 1st Round
20162016 Emperor Cup 2nd Round
20152015 Emperor Cup 1st Round
20142014 Emperor Cup 3rd Round
20132013 Emperor Cup 2nd Round